Products that provide results across teams and departments. Quickly publish and track campaign performance, and look like a hero to your clients.

High-Growth Company

Your company moves fast, so should your campaigns. Wherever you publish, we keep it simple and straightforward to help you grow.


Sophisticated products that are easy to use. Create winning campaigns with comprehensive tools that are simple to use. All pro, no problems.

Agency Solutions

One solution serving clients of all industries.

We know a marketer’s life at an agency is rapidly evolving. You’ll announce a product into market for a new fashion brand, launch a contest on social networks for a well-known beverage company, and drive last-minute sales with an exclusive discount code for your Fortune 500 retailer...all in just one day. Results are your passion. You need a platform that is customizable, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use. Enter Offerpop.

A solution for all businesses

No matter what your campaign goals are – boost sales, create massive brand awareness, or grow your audience – we’ve got you covered. Also, our products work across various industries and are highly customizable; CSS styling and pre-populated template options available.

Rich data and analytics

Obtain deep analytical insights. View your audience’s social profiles & behavioral data, study the impact of your campaign’s performance, and see how far-reaching your campaign spans. Optimize campaigns in real time and maximize the value of clients’ marketing dollars.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Pricing options for every budget. Pay-per-campaign pricing allows you to experiment with products and identify those that provide the highest success for your clients. Affordable annual subscriptions give you unlimited access to Offerpop’s suite of products.

"Offerpop's commitment to providing agencies and brands with the tools and support needed to produce impactful social marketing campaigns is extraordinary. By partnering with Offerpop we have been able to help our clients, across multiple industries, drive immediate results."

Joel Nagy | Technical Director | iris

High-Growth Company

Simplify social marketing in mere minutes.

With Offerpop it’s simple to grow your audience, identify your top influencers, and inspire them to action. Our products are mobile friendly, so you can build a community of brand advocates and stay connected with them – wherever your business brings you. But don’t take our word for it – instantly experience the power of Offerpop’s products with our free trial option.

Craft your social strategy with "The Essential Guide to Social Marketing Campaigns" eBook.

Easy to Use

Our step-by-step guides help you create, design, and launch social campaigns in minutes. Choose your product, include custom designs, and instantly publish to social networks and on web pages. Best of all, campaigns are completely mobile friendly.

Immediate impact & ROI

Ignite a viral response to your social campaigns. With newsfeed sharing options and “people talking about” customizations, our products are designed to reach your audience and across their networks.

Campaign automation

Continue the conversation even when you’re away. Enable auto-generated replies to messages and schedule content for delivery. Engage your audience when you’re on the go.

"Offerpop campaigns are perfect for brands that want to acquire and engage customers across different social networks."

Christina Soletti | Community Manager | Ergobaby

Enterprise Solutions

Create, integrate, track: results as big as your brand

Launch powerful campaigns, promote across marketing channels, and monitor their influence…all within minutes. No matter how large your fan base, or where your audience resides, Offerpop enables marketers to reach, engage, and drive results through impactful social campaigns.

Hear how Comedy Central drives engagement with hashtag campaigns.

Bring your audiences together

Unlock the power of your earned, owned, and paid audiences. Cross-promote campaigns and drive participation through media placements, email promotions, and print & online advertisements.

Gain a complete consumer profile

Discover what motivates your audience to action. Identify top-performing content, identify your fans’ and followers’ interests; use this information to develop smarter marketing strategies.

Leading Technology Integrations

We work with the programs you rely on. Our product integrations with CRM and email providers like ExactTarget and CheetahMail enable you to easily migrate customer data.