Visual UGC Marketing Platform

Brands and Agencies can purchase a subscription, or get started with a single campaign.

Subscriptions include UNLIMITED campaigns, promotions, visual commerce experiences, events and displays, and UNLIMITED landing pages, microsites, website embeds, and mobile visualizations.


Market Leading Campaign Solution designed to support all channels


Campaigns Edition + Visual UGC Components + Cross Experience Insights


Engage Edition + eCommerce + Premium Visualization functionality


Convert Edition + Premium Applications + Consumer profile segmentation and export capability


Enterprise Edition + Managed Experience Configuration and Image Recognition Services
Consumer Engagement Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote
Classic Campaign Experiences
Collaborative Experience Builder
Offer Automation (couponing and more...)
Standard UGC Galleries
Auto Response
UGC Commerce Galleries
Product Page UGC Embeds
Shoppable Instagram
Premium Visualizations
Premium Templates
Premium Applications
UGC Management
UGC Aggregation
Rights Management
Curation Management
Content API
Featured Units
Automated Product Catalogue Sync
Conversion Units
Conversion Tracking
Consumer Data
Profile Database
Identity Capture & Matching
Email Connector (1)
Form & Demographic Data Capture
Social Data Enrichment
Behavioral Data Enrichment
Affinity Data Enrichment
Conversion Data Enrichment
Audience Explorer
Audience Segmentation
Audience Export & Activation
Enterprise Integration (Non Email)
Analytics and Insights
Engagement Analytics
Audience Insights
Conversion Analytics
Segment Insights
Segment Saver
Image Recognition
& Managed Services
Experience Configuration(s)
Image Recognition - Photo Scoring
12,000 photos
Image Recognition - Photo Tagging
12,000 photos
Image Recognition - Photo Product Mapping
3,000 photos

($) = Additional fees apply | Above functionality listed for new contracts effective February 1, 2016

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