// March 14, 2014

Social Media Landscape

Google’s recent announcement about the future of the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite prompted us to reflect on how much social media has evolved since Google acquired Wildfire in 2012, and we wanted to share our thoughts on where social media marketing is headed.  More than ever, social media is playing a key role within integrated marketing programs, with savvy marketers relying on social to drive real business results and build deeper relationships with their customers. Social marketing represents both the present and future for global brands. Here are just a few reasons why:

We have entered the Age of the Consumer. 

Forrester predicts that the “Age of the Consumer” will dominate how brands market to their consumers for the next 20 years as companies reinvent themselves to understand and serve increasingly powerful customers. Successful brands will more tightly integrate social media marketing into the overall marketing mix, and authentic user-generated content and social data will be key elements of this business cycle.

Social is out of the silo.

This increasing power of social marketing is evidenced by its growing role in converting and engaging audiences through traditional advertising channels. The hashtag has united marketing campaigns not only across social networks, but offline as well – more than half of this year’s Super Bowl ads had a hashtag call-to-action, tying social initiatives to television ads. New, rapidly growing social networks are tapping into the omnipresent mobile, video and social tools at consumers’ fingertips. These consumers are now content marketers, seamlessly streaming mobile photos and videos to social networks to communicate with brands and fellow consumers.

Vendors must rise to the occasion.

Market leaders need to be singularly focused on helping brands take advantage of the opportunities presented by this rapidly shifting, consumer-driven marketing landscape. Successful social marketing technology companies will understand this shift and deliver a set of marketing solutions that connect with consumers across the consumer journey – building awareness, driving engagement, generating revenue, and gathering valuable data about a new generation of consumers.

Offerpop believes strongly in the critical importance of marketing platforms that respond to these ongoing, monumental shifts in consumer behavior. While Google is focusing on other ventures, Offerpop remains committed to being a market leader in delivering the product innovation, customer service and integrated marketing campaigns that equip brands to meet the new demands of a changing consumer landscape.

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