// October 1, 2013

Social media was once considered kids’ stuff. But as more companies recognize social’s transformative power, social media skills are in high demand. Businesses realize  that they need savvy communicators who can evangelize their brands, gather community input, and advocate for the customer through social channels.

The proof’s in our new infographic, which we created with with exclusive data from LinkedIn. The research shows that job postings for social media roles have grown a whopping 1300% in the last three years. And they saw a sharp increase – from 883% to 1357% – in Q2 2013 alone.

Another interesting learning: 42% of social media positions are senior level. Brands see that success in social often takes a seasoned marketer’s expertise.

Here’s one more stat we loved. There are 5.3 million LinkedIn endorsements for social media skills. This signals that social media is more than one person’s job. It’s  embraced across organizations to start conversations and drive business.



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