Want to tap into the power of Pinterest to boost sales? You’ll need a strategy for creating and curating content. By pinning high-value, relevant content, you’ll enable user discovery and grow a bigger base of potential buyers.

These tips and tactics will help you pin your way to an engaged community.

Follow Best Practices for Pinning

 A few simple tactics ensure great user experience and help your pins get found. Add pins to relevant categories to enable users to discover your content when browsing. Write detailed pin descriptions to add context and clarity. Choose images that are high quality and vertically oriented. And banish those broken backlinks — your pins should always link to the correct items.

Set goals for pinning consistently, whether it’s 5 times a week or 3 times a day. Spread your pins out over time in order to reach more users. And don’t forget to repin! About half of your content should be sourced from other users.

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Spark interest in your items

 Build demand by giving your followers a sneak peek of upcoming collections. Pin products as soon as they’re listed for sale on your site, and curate boards of your best-selling deals and gift guides. Give users a personal connection to your brand by asking team members make their recommendations.

 When running Pinterest contests, encourage  your fans to explore your site for items to pin. It’s a great way to drive traffic and discovery. Just make sure not to limit participants’ choices too much. And when you capture entrant information as part of sign up forms, ask them to opt into email. This will help you create more targeted email lists for your content and offers, leading to more online sales.

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Share content your target consumer values

Go beyond sharing the latest and best-selling items in your online store. Create content that aligns with your target consumer’s passions.

 Find your target consumers on Pinterest to understand how they engage with the platform. And look to competitors and leading brands in your industry to get an idea of what could make you successful. For guidance, look to some common qualities among Pinterest users. They tend to share content that’s educational and practical, like recipes, styling guides, or crafting how-tos. Their interests are reflected in the most popular Pinterest categories: babies, beauty, crafts, fashion, fitness, food, home decor, kids, pets, and travel.

Seasonality has a big impact on what’s trending on Pinterest. Visual content around key holidays, seasonal changes, and current events rack up the shares. Think about how those factors might align with the interests of your core audience, and start pinning content around the topics that fit.

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