Which brands are creating big buzz in 2013?

YouGov’s BrandIndex has the answers. Released yesterday, the biannual list ranks the companies that create the most chatter in the US.

We took a look at the top five to see how they’re stoking positive vibes on Facebook.

1)   Ford opens the hood on their company.

The US automaker snagged the top spot this year, following a period of high sales of their compact Ford Focus. Ford uses social media to showcase the inner workings of their company, from their staff-centric Facebook cover photo to their behind-the-scenes video of their latest ad campaign. With more than 80 brand pages on Facebook alone and a team of 40 people contributing social content, the transparent, friendly approach helps them structure their content output.

And the Ford team gets that social is all about long-term value. When asked how brands can measure the ROI of Facebook ads, head of social Scott Monty quipped, “What’s the ROI of wearing pants?”

2)   Amazon drives commerce by targeting consumer segments.

Amazon caters to an audience with a wide variety of interests. After all, they sell everything under the sun. They manage this on Facebook with a variety of niche pages, like Amazon Student and Amazon Fashion.

Amazon takes a product-centric approach to Facebook, frequently sharing deals and new items.  They also use Look Books to showcase products and drive sales.

3)   Subway puts fans first.

Anyone who has ever stepped inside a Subway sandwich shop knows they’re all about giving consumers choices. Their customer-first strategy extends to Facebook, where their news feed is peppered with posts that prompt fans to offer feedback. They also put their brand advocates front and center with Fan of the Week posts. And of course, Subway’s spokesperson/everyman Jared makes plenty of appearances, posing with celebrities and Subway enthusiasts the world over.

4)   History Channel gets current.

For a network that’s all about the past, the History Channel is certainly having a moment. On Facebook, History stays relevant by connecting with current events, through their “History in the Headlines” and “This Day in History” posts.

And they also offer today’s fans chances to form deeper connections with yesterday’s events. On their History Channel Club page, they used a Referral campaign to give away gift cards for purchasing Civil War memorabilia.

5)   Lowes is here to help.

Lowes does a great job of educating their audience. They frequently post tips on everything from cleaning your grill to keeping ants out of your sandbox. They share weather reports, how-to guides, and multi-step project guides right on Facebook.  And they’re open to improving themselves too. Their Rant Or Rave section gives fans the chance to offer praise or sound off about their Lowes experiences. That open, feedback-driven approach scores serious points with customers.

So which brand from this list is doing the best job on Facebook?

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