Part of launching a successful holiday marketing campaign is getting the timing right. You want to reach consumers when they’re thinking about shopping, but you also want to stand out from the noise.

The same is true when it comes to Facebook marketing. 86% of US retailers were expected to use the social networking giant to market their holiday promotions last year. With so much use, it’s good to know the peaks and valleys.

So we looked at over 1,700 Facebook campaigns launched during the holiday season last year, tracking both the number of campaigns and fan participation.


There are a couple of takeaways.

First, as might be suspected, participation tacks neatly with the numbers of campaigns launched. This is further evidence that running multiple campaigns and offers is actually a smart strategy for the holidays. It ensures your campaigns result in further participation, particularly as you promote specific gifts to niche audiences.

Secondly, consider not only spacing out your campaigns, but also choosing times that are less packed. This will help your campaign get seen.

For instance, the number campaigns understandably spikes between the first and second week of December. But it stays flat during the second and third week of November, while participation peaks.

This could be a prime opportunity to hit shoppers. The volume is still low, but the spike in participation indicates that shoppers are hunting for offers and deals.


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