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Marketer’s Staycation: 6 Weeks to Social Marketing Success

Ok, so you’re stuck at the office this summer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Sign up now for six awesome, action-packed weeks of content for marketing success. You’ll learn how to harness the latest digital trends (Instagram, big data, mobile and more) for business results. You’ll get practical tools for measuring social media performance and evaluating ROI. And you’ll get tons of free marketing content, from ebooks to infographics to webinars and blogs.

Come into the fall brimming with ideas and insights that will make your CMO say "Wow."

You can’t get that at the beach. Join in the fun starting July 8th!

Week 1

What does social media ROI mean, anyway?

Here’s the thing about social ROI: many marketers talk about it, but not so many measure it. This is your chance to get ahead of the pack. Define what social marketing success means for your business. Decide what you should measure to achieve your goals. And learn how leading brands drove exceptional results.

Week 2

How do I turn "big social data" into big results?

Social media is the best source around for gathering fresh, relevant consumer data. The trick is knowing what to do with it. This week, we’re exploring some actionable steps for turning social insights into business value. Suddenly, big data is no big deal.

Week 3

Enough math, let's talk about selfies

It’s hard to say when exactly selfies consumed the internet. But we do know that the explosion of selfies — along with Vine videos, Pinterest pins, and other forms of visual user-generated content — has changed the game for marketers. So how do we turn this UGC into clicks, shares, and sales? Let’s explore.

Week 4

But my boss won't give me Instagram budget

So many social networks, so little budget. It’s tough to know where to allocate your marketing spend. Which trends have staying power, and what’s just a passing fad? How does one advocate for more budget for unproven channels? Let’s learn how to chart new territory while staying on the path for success.

Week 5

Breaking out of that social silo

Social marketers: you’ve come a long way, baby. No longer known as the guys and gals who “just tweet all day,” you’ve earned some serious street cred by building brand buzz and engagement. But don’t stop there. We know you’ve got the stuff to make a major impact on the performance of other marketing channels. This week, we’ll explore how to team up with your fellow marketers to drive big results.

Week 6

Forecasting the Future of Social & Digital Marketing

Time to look into our crystal balls and predict the future. What hot internet trends should we factor into our holiday marketing plans? Will Facebook still matter to marketers in 2015? And when can we expect to get our flying cars? All this and more as our Staycation comes to a close!

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