Offerpop Campaigns

Unlimited access to suite of mobile-optimized consumer engagement products. Includes advanced capabilities for customization, integrations, and analytics.

Per-campaign options (starts at $350)
Special agency pricing available

Offerpop Content

Gather and organize user-generated content and consumer data to drive marketing results. Rich reporting includes campaign and content performance.

Starts at $5,000
Per-campaign options available
Special agency pricing available

Offerpop Commerce

Collect user-generated content and enrich with associated products to drive online sales. Detailed analytics deliver content-based revenue performance.

Starts at $7,000
Available via annual subscription only
Special agency pricing available

Offerpop Campaigns Pricing

Pricing represents annual subscription for a single brand Facebook page or Twitter account, based on fan or follower count.

* Number of Fans or Followers at the start of your campaign or subscription.

Fans/Followers* Monthly Cost
0 - 100 Not Available
101 - 500 $16 per month
501 - 1K $27 per month
1K - 2.5K $54 per month
2.5K - 5K $108 per month
5K - 10K $216 per month
10K - 25K $433 per month
25K - 50K $808 per month
Over 50k Contact Us


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